Know Your Food

Your Health is our Priority! You're what you eat. so why eat cheap? we are committed to our customers, so it's our responsibility to provide you with the best food options made with fresh ingredients. Below you'll find detailed nutrition information, now it's easy for you to make some good nutritional choices.

This nutritional data was obtained through research done at certified laboratories. It is based on standard product formulations and serving sizes. The nutrition value of the menu items may vary depending on serve sizes, preparation methods, product testing procedures, and sources of supply, including regional, seasonal, weather, and ambient circumstances. Then again product formulation does occasionally alter as a result of different outside variables, including those mentioned above. The nutritional value and serving size of the products consumers purchase from our restaurants may vary. This information is merely illustrative and approximate. Some of this nutritional data and serve size of these products are required to be disclosed under law or regulation; and further/additional information may also be displayed; however, all have been provided with the intent to help customers make informed choices at Nirula's. The data here is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

cheesy pizza
Big Boy
Juicy Burger
Pan Asian
Mumbo Jumbo Momos
51 Flavours ice-cream
desi tadka
Wrapped Up
Kathi Rolls




My sweetest memories of childhood are not about friends but about finishing an all American banana split Sundae at nirula's without any guilt.


Nirulas was our adda way back in college. A place for the boys and girls to date n hangout. I would save up all week for the big boy burger!


HCF has been the only constant LOVE of my LIFE!

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