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Nirula's goes back to 1977 when we launched the first ever Fast Food joint in Delhi. We value our long-standing, loving and warm relationship with successive generations of Dilliwalas and will keep serving to bring the delectable taste of fast food like the iconic HCF, Ice Creams, Sundaes, Burgers and Pizzas and more. With an amazing presence of 130+ outlets and a recent expansion to Bengaluru and Chandigarh, We have introduced 51+ flavours of ice creams, sorbets, and summer coolers. Most Delhiites have had their first pizza, first burger or ice cream parlour experience at Nirula's, we are a part of their every happy memory. We also cater to your early morning and late night cravings as our outlets are open from 10am to 4am. We are a well-known restaurant chain based in Delhi, India. Founded in 1934, we have grown to become one of the most popular and recognizable food brands in Delhi NCR. Pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches are just a few of the many foods that are served in our restaurants.

One of the things that sets Nirula's apart from other restaurants is our dedication to use top-notch ingredients and meticulously preparing food. The chefs are always experimenting with new recipes and techniques, and the menu is regularly modified to suit the newest trends. The welcoming and cosy ambiance of Nirula's restaurant is another feature that has contributed to its popularity. Nirula's is the best choice whether you're searching for a casual meal with friends or a romantic dinner with your significant other. Our restaurants are well-furnished, with a warm and soothing ambiance that makes you feel at home.

Nirula's is a great choice for anyone looking for delicious and well-prepared food in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Whether you're a regular customer or a first-time visitor, you're sure to have a great experience at Nirula's.


Nirula's is the heart of Delhiites since 1934. Indulge in the world of food. A journey through flavours and cultures!
Discover Recipes, Stories, and more. Explore the diversity and richness of taste.

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Our Sub Brands

Nirula's has also expanded into several sub-brands, each with its own unique concept and menu. These sub-brands include:


Valentino Pizzeria: This sub-brand specializes in authentic Italian cheesy pizzas, made with 100% cheese which is a mix of Cheddar and Mozzarella. Everything From our pizza bases to chunky tomato spread, made in-house and because we believe in "Right now movement!" the crunchy, exotic fresh vegetables chopped or sliced just before cooking. The smoking meats which go on our pizzas are legends in themselves. We provide a large choice of pasta in addition to two distinct types of basic and gourmet on our menu.

Big Boy

BIGBOY Burger: As the name implies, this sub brand emphasis on burger. In this we offer a wide range of burgers, the buttery pentagon bun made extra soft is toasted and baked daily. Layered with bursts of flavours, our sauces are handcrafted to perfection to make the perfect burger. And in addition to that we offer savory french fries with every burger.

Pan Asian

Pan Asian: Bite-sized portions of deliciousness, leisurely meal to enjoy with friends and family whether you’re in a mood for savory or sweet, our small Dimsums will surely satisfy your cravings, with every bite of exotic veggies, stuffed with cabbage, carrots, sweet corn and spring onions, cooked in a blend of herbs and spice, get a twist of paneer and corn in your asian fav Dimsums.


N51 Flavours: Whether you're in the mood for something experimental or nostalgic, this sub-brand has more than 51 different handcrafted ice cream flavours to choose from. We give our customer's a memorable experience, our ice creams are made with 100% cow milk and no other ingredients. According to the consumers preference, it can also be served in conventional waffles, or charcoal waffles in addition to scoops in a cup.


Desi: It offers delicious Indian food dishes that will spice up your every bite like Shahi paneer, appetizing Dal Makhani, and desi tadka that is added in Butter chicken and Biryanis makes it mouth-watering. We have gained access to blends of spices, that have been handed down the generations. The menu is designed to provide you with every bite of pure Indian Flavours.

Wrapped Up

Wrapp'd up: wrapping happiness, mix of traditional Indian flavours, crisped to perfection and skillfully minced by perfectionist. Our hot sensational Schezwan Chilli Paneer made with 100% dairy paneer and a twist of chili, or our all time classic paneer tikka to spice up your every bite and our delicious chicken tikka wrap made with juicy pieces of boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt with an array of spices, a perfect fusion of exotic taste.

Batter Days

Batter Days: The in-house French bakery of Nirula's. Satisfy your cravings with our mouth-watering Molten Choco lava cake, enjoy the burst of dark chocolate in every bite. Downy-for-brownie when its made with dark Choco chip and dark cocoa powder. Our rich chocolate cookies will surely leave you craving for more. All of these products are made in-house using premium ingredients to give our consumers an unforgettable experience.

Cocoa Alchemist

Cocoa Alchemist: We were bean to bar much before the term was coined. We only use couverture chocolate, which is made from carefully chosen cocoa beans and tempered for 72 hours to make it smooth, we never use any chocolate additives. Taste the magic that we create!

Cafe Healthy High

Cafe Healthy High: There's nothing to feel guilty about, now enjoy cheat meals with delightful taste. This sub-brand offers you a wide range of healthy food with appetizing tastes. whether you're in a mood for soup or salad or crispy burger and pizzas, we got your back. Our high protein food is what your body needs. Our Whey protein shakes and berrylicious, rich creamy Ice creams made from whey protein powder, will help you to Stay High on Health. Support your body's perfect growth with our high protein menu!

Chaatoos Street Food

Chaatoos: Fusion of spicy, tangy or salty flavour, with sour Indian chilli. Crispy fried Papri-chaat with boiled potatoes, yoghurt sauce. Golden fried - potato Aloo tikki stuffed with dal and served with a variety of spicy chutneys. One solution for every spicy food craving. Chaat- Chaska that every Individual will love.

Drool over dishes that will fill your heart with joy!

What Make Us Special

Ice Cream
51 Ice Creams

Fresh milk, cream natural flavours and ingredients for sure makes us Legend-Wait-for-It Dairy.


All 100% meat patties, prepared absolutely fresh with no added preservatives and served with fries or hash brown, as standard! Not Add-Ons like others!

Make Fresh
Make Fresh with Fresh Ingredients

We believe in "Make-Fresh" and when it comes to keeping it real, we are totally hip with it. Almost everything we serve you is prepared in-house with the freshest of carefully chosen ingredients.

Legend-Wait-for-It Dairy

Hand crafted ice creams with 100% fresh milk & cream and all natural flavours.

Thin CrustPizzas

Crispy crust topped with tangy toppings and stringy cheese - it is as if the Italians are speaking to us through food. Fit' N Crusty with none of the artificial stuff!


Nirula's Ice Cream Sundae you choose to relish is pure creamy pleasure made from 100% Fresh Milk n Cream

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